Python Machine Learning (I Mean Python Computer Vision…)

I found a squirrel while chasing another squirrel.  The original squirrel was Python Computer Vision.  The distracting squirrel ended up being Python Machine Learning.  Here are some not-to-be-forgotten URLs that came up (some, even further squirrels themselves!) –

The website to accompany the book “OpenCV with Python Blueprints” –

Kaggle “Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster” competition site (Data Science site, in Python, R, …) –

XGBoost: Improving the output of machine learning by combining multiple algorithms (quick, efficient, scalable) – and

Machine Learning – Ensembling/Stacking in Python –

Machine Learned – “I do not think that word means what you think it means” – and the talk that inspired it –

ML Learning Evaluation Metrics –

Simple-to-use Tutorials for TensorFlow (at least, that’s the claim…) –

Python 2.7 Aerial/Satellite Imagery Feature Identification –

Google Word2Vec – a pre-trained model! –, the Kaggle version –, code – and a Jupyter notebook –


Check today’s other posts for squirrels found while this squirrel chased away the other squirrel….

– Squirrel01